Inside the Good Dog Rescue

   If you don’t know me already, my name is Jayson Arko and I am the Director of behavior at The Good Dog Rescue. Although I might be a dog trainer, my job doesn’t end there here at the rescue. I am the behind the scenes face of our social media, a foster and an extra hand where ever I’m needed.

  This series of blog posts will give you some insight into the behind the scenes of The Good Dog Rescue, including the directors team, our volunteers and of course our dogs.

      Today we are going to talk about our dogs, where we get them from and what we do in our community that makes us different then other local rescues.

     The majority of our dogs are rescued from high kill shelters in New Mexico, Texas and Kansas, why? Well, here in Colorado, we do not have as many dogs and we have more resources to help with spay and neuter and that all equates to less dogs being put down for time or space. In these other states with less time and money, dogs that are perfectly healthy, physically and behaviorally, are being put down. These are the type of places we are trying to help so that some of these awesome dogs, by no fault of their own, don’t end up being euthanized for no reason. We don’t always take our dogs from out of state and in fact there have been several situations where we have taken dogs from owners, like our story about Blue and her guardians being deployed at the same time, if you missed it, you can go follow us on Facebook and find her story there. The Good Dog Rescue has always been about saving dogs and helping humans, which is why we take every opportunity to help if we can.

   Our local shelter is another place that we have taken dogs from and will continue to, when we can.  Adams County Animal Shelter has a special place in our hearts so we tend to work with them the most. Our story as a group is long and boring but basically we all came from another rescue and while we chipped away at paper work and planning for our new rescue we had a lot of down time.

   Our team of directors all became volunteers and some of us even fostered for the shelter. We felt early on that we wanted more from our time with rescue dogs. We wanted to learn more about what happens to dogs before they come into rescue and we felt that by volunteering we would not only be able to keep helping dogs but we would gain an education we couldn’t get anywhere else.

   Many might think or have thought that by the time we got our rescue started and running that none of us would have kept with it as volunteers or fosters with the shelter and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We set out to become partners with other rescues and shelters and that’s what we intend to do.  Many of us can still be found weekly, at the shelter volunteering with the dogs, its something we love to do.

  That’s what makes us different in our community of rescues. We not only operate our own rescue but we still volunteer with other organizations and as much as possible support the other rescue groups in our area. Speaking from my own experience, volunteering at my local shelter was the most beneficial step in our journey to help save them all.  In an effort to also stay up to date on the best animal care practices we have also committed to watching webinars, going to seminars and conferences like Best Friends and American pets alive to continue learning from the leaders in our field.  We strongly believe that the more people we can partner with that have our same goal, of saving more dogs, the greater the impact we can have on the lives of homeless pets.  We are always looking for willing volunteers and fosters to be apart of our group but if you cant do one of those you can always help by sharing our information on Facebook or donate!

  Keep up to date with us, we have big plans for the future and we hope these blog entries will give you a little bit more insight to the behind the scenes workings of The Good Dog Rescue and thank you to those who support us or any other organization helping to save the lives of animals in need.   – Jayson