You can make a difference.


 Donating to The Good Dog Rescue means that you are helping to sponsor a list of items that we need to properly care for our animals. Without support from all of you we wouldn't be able to care for the animals that so desperately need out of our shelter system. We thank you for everything that you do to support us! 

- The Team at The Good Dog Rescue 




How your DOnations are put to work 

$10 - Can feed a litter of puppies for 1-3 days or cover a microchip to help a dog always safely find their way home.

$25 - Can feed an adult dog for 2 weeks, cover routine vaccines for 1 dog, or buy a can of puppy formula to feed
orphan pups.

$50 - Can pay the vet and transport costs to spring a dog from an overpopulated shelter, or neuter a male dog in preperations for his adoption.

$100 - Can spay a mama dog so she never has to have puppies again, or cover the fuel costs for an out of state transfer.

$200 - Can cover the food and non-medical supplies for a pregnant dog to safely deliver and raise her puppies, or cover all of the routine medical bills (vaccines, wormers, spay/neuter) for a healthy dog to be adoptable.

$500 - Saves a puppy's life from Parvo

$1000 - Can treat a dog for heartworm and give them a second chance at life