As a non-profit organization, our volunteers are our greatest asset. We have a mutual agreement in place that if you agree to help us to the best of your ability, you will be treated with respect and be an important part of our team.




Volunteers under age of 18 will need written & signed permission to support events without parental supervision.  Volunteers under age of 14 will need parental/guardian supervision while at events.


This position requires a longer term commitment.  We request you foster the dog/puppies for a minimum of 2 weeks, but prefer until they are adopted.  Puppies will be a two week commitment prior to going up for adoption to provide time to ensure they are not sick as well as have them vetted. (Spay/Neuter, micro chipped, vaccines). Then if not adopted, we would like you to take them home again if possible.  Adult dogs tend to be a longer term commitment. If you are unable to keep your foster(s) for any reason we must be given a few days’ notice to find another foster.



Event set up:

This includes setting up the event itself. There needs to be: a front table, fencing around the whole event,  puppy pens with water/blankets/toys, adult kennels or pens (with profiles clipped to them), visiting pens, cleaning supplies, trash cans, and dirty laundry bags. Also there should be areas for interview conversations, as well as an area for processing adoptions.

Break Down/After Event Clean Up

Breakdown includes taking everything down after the event, sterilizing anything used and keeping supplies organized.

Table Manager

This position requires someone at the front table to answer questions of our guests visiting to meet their forever family member.  This person gives direction & sets all event expectations up front to our guests. They will also make sure everyone has an application and proof of ownership/lease.


It is important for us to have an open honest conversation with all adopters. This can take place in the visiting pen, or at an outside station. We want to make sure they understand the responsibilities of bringing home a new dog, and are able to properly care for it and meet its needs. The application will be reviewed and questions will be asked about their answers. The interviewer will make notes that are helpful to the directors who will decide it the adoption is awarded.

Puppy Runner

This position rotates puppies as people visit with them. It is very important that we always avoid cross-contamination. Puppy runner must sanitize hands and visitation pens must be sterilized between litters.  

Building “Freedom Ride” packs

This person will ensure we have everything ready to provide to the adopters. Each dog will go home with a bag of food and any available coupons or extras we have available. We want to keep 20-30 pre-made bags of food available for each event.

Processing Adoptions

This person would assist at the adoption table to keep things running smoothly and quickly. This may entail: making copies of contracts, helping people properly fill out forms, getting everyone their bag of food and extras, running credit cards, etc.




Taking home laundry, toys and bowls after adoption events to be washed, bleached & brought back clean for the next adoption event

Building Adoption Folders

This position does not require being at the adoption events. This can be done from home & dropped off  prior to the event.  The folders have adoption contracts, other documentation adopters will be taking home with them as well as each dogs specific health records.


Dont mind getting your hands dirty? Help us at intake. Jobs include: Bathing dogs, keeping pens clean, feeding and watering, putting names and phone numbers on collars, helping with profile pictures, and walking dogs.  If you have any veterinary experience we would love help with vaccinating, microchipping, looking for signs of illness or parasites, medicating, etc.

Transport Volunteer

Fosters are responsible for getting their dogs to and from vet appointments and adoption events, but sometimes this is hard for them to work in around their work and family schedules. If you are fairly flexible and dont mind driving, it would be a huge help to have someone shuttle the animals around.


Note: If there is a service you think you can provide to the rescue, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator! We need help with many tasks such as printing, fundraising, gathering food donations, supply drives, etc.


  • There are different age groups we allow in the rescue. If you are under 14, a parent must stay with you the entire time you are volunteering. If you are between 14-17 we prefer a parent to be present the first time you volunteer. After that, you may attend alone. Anyone under 18 does need a parent or guardian to sign their volunteer release form. And of course anyone over 18 can sign their own release and begin volunteering.

  • A volunteer release must be filled out and returned. All rules must be read and agreed to prior to volunteering

  • New volunteers will attend a brief orientation session prior to starting with us. This may be in person, or a video that they watch online.

  • New volunteers will be assigned a buddy in the beginning so they can learn the ropes.

  • A volunteer should never take on an assignment they are uncomfortable with. We can provide training and/or a mentor as requested.

  • We expect our volunteers to act professionally when in public.  We do not condone gossip or bad-mouthing other shelters or rescues - we are all in this together!

  • Suggested apparel is long pants, closed-toed shoes, volunteer shirt.

  • Any questions about roles, process, or dogs, and also any suggestions should be directed to the volunteer coordinator.

  • Volunteers are not to speak to the public about any medical treatments dogs are receiving, or where dogs came from. These questions should be directed to one of the directors

  • The Good Dog Rescue does reserve the right to terminate a volunteer if they are repeatedly acting in a manner that is unsafe or unprofessional.


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